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November: availability for 3 new clients*

Send me an e-mail with some details about you to [email protected] and I’ll invite you to an intro call so that we can get to know each other better and explore how we could work together xx



Power Hour is a transformative 90-minute dive into your specific career- or business-related challenges, desires, and goals. You can expect to gain profound clarity on your challenges, coupled with actionable steps to move forward. Power Hour is designed to shift your perspective, boost your confidence and self-awareness, ultimately leaving you with renewed motivation and a sense of momentum.

Book your Power Hour before November 1, and I'm offering it at a special 20% discount! That's right, instead of 250 Euro, it's 200 Euro plus VAT. Hehe, yes, I’m excited too!

If this feels like something you've been yearning for, or even just a little nudge of curiosity, I encourage you to lean in. Or maybe it's the sign you've been waiting for?

Now, claim your special discount and set up your Power Hour by dropping me a note at [email protected]. Let's co-create something powerful, transformative, and truly unique.


What is coaching?

The term "coach" originally comes from English and literally means "carriage". So a coach is the one who helps others to move forward or change. The concept of coaching first became known to a broader public through competitive sport, in which a coach comprehensively supports a competitive athlete, i.e. psychologically and beyond the purely technical and athletic part.

According to the definition of the leading coaching associations, coaching is “professional advice, guidance, and support for people with management/control functions and for experts in companies and organizations. The objective of coaching is the further development of individual or collective learning and performance processes for professional or personal concerns.” (Deutscher Verband für Coaching und Training).

Based on my +10 years of experience as a coach and having been on the client side multiple times, too, I consider the most important and valuable elements of coaching to be the following:

How does 1-1 coaching with me work?

Private coaching is the most personalized service that I offer.